There’s been a murda…

… of probably the greatest Sci-Fi series’ that’s ever been made. It all began when i first saw the trailer for “Serenity”.  I saw the movie and immediately fell in love.  So I began looking into it more and found out that it began in early 2002(ish) with the television series “Firefly”. I of course bought Serenity as soon as it hit Dvd, but had yet to seen Firefly. Eventually I found the series on Hulu (and by now had seen the movie in excess of twenty times); however they only show five of the seventeen episodes at a time cycling by one every Monday. It was painful. Then my wonderful family stepped in this past Christmas and bought the series for me!

I’ve just finished the final episode, and hence the tragedy… because they will never again make an episode. That’s right, the story’s over.

The story of Serenity is summed up in two words: space cowboys. BUT! The characters are so rich and perfect you never want it to end; and if you’re truly a nerd, a part of you will want to join that rag-tag group aboard the vessel that is unbridled bfreedom and adventure.

All that said I can recommend the movie citing only one crude  joke I can remember; however, the series is far more risqué. Off hand I can think of a minimum of four scenes with mature content and at least five jokes of a very crude nature. Extreme discretion should be used. I’m immensely saddened these blemishes appear in otherwise a beautiful story with beautiful characters.

– Night Watchmen: 10-42