Dangerously Pale

The other day my fiance’s mother told me that I may have some sort of sunlight deficiency… in other words I’m dangerously pale… soo true… I have great night vision though. I’ve been taking her medical advice and spending more time outside when then thing that looks like a burning moon is out…



Cynicism… A Gift and Curse?

So, I don’t know if you’ve pick up on my VERY subtle hints of cynicism that may or may not exist in previous posts. What can I say, it’s a gift and curse.  I’ll explain… much to my own shame.

I’ll start with some background. I was never a big guy. As a matter of fact I barely qualify for average size. So some sort of self-defense mechanism was born… I became really good at making fun of others. Like really good… again, to my own shame. However, now my wit usually just takes on the form of clever cynical one-liners. Pretty good too, if I can say so without sounding to narcissitic. I’ve found that I’m usually the funniest when I unleash the beast and say whatever comes to mind… which as you can imagine can be quite dangerous. My mind does a pretty good job of catching anything too crazy, but every once and a while it gets the best of me… Jesus has been good to me, and His work in my life is evident.

Here’s to the good times. Laugh it up.

-Night Watchman  10-42

*In memory of my good friend Ronnie Do’Urden. I loved you like a brother, and hated you like chicken pox.

Fickle: A French Word Meaning “Really Stupid”.

Money is  a fickle thing. 


Just in case anybody knows somebody that knows somebody…

I would love to be in a superhero movie… so, you should pass on that fact to anyone/everyone you know. 🙂

Stupid Devil…

Is it bad that I may already be suffering from a bit of writer’s block… probably. I just couldn’t think of anything cool. But now I’m a little mad, so let’s go with that. Bills! Ugh, the bane of my existance. I really feel like maybe the devil’s most heinous invention to break down the spirits of man has been bills… and what a devistating blow… It’s not that I don’t have the money to pay them, I’ve been blessed by the Lord with a great job, I just hate them. I really think bill companies just sit and think of the best ways to be frustrating. Like giving you a promotional fee that lulls you to sleep until suddenly your payment doubles. I wanted to punch someone in the mouth… luckily I would almost certainly loose any fight I was in, so I restrained myself.  I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN PAYING BILLS THAT LONG! My heart truly goes out to all you veterans of the “Bill War”.  Ok, I’ll stop ranting… have to make some last minute online payments anyway… stupid devil…


“The Night Photography Master”? Idk…

So this is one of the senior pictures I took of my little sister. I just got some photo editting software and this is what I came up with last night at work (after two simultaneous pursuits… which is top notch crazy)… let me know what you think; but keep in mind this is a first attempt. I’ve only had the software for a day.


ps- that smiley did NOT work… so don’t try it.


The Quick and The Dead

Two words: Worst night… ever. Last night was CRAZY. We were soo busy I wanted to frown for literally… a LONG time.  Seriously. I alone entered twenty-two legitimate calls; and a typical night yeilds more like ten! We had everything from dog bites to drunk guy beat downs. Sidenote: that doesn’t include my partner’s calls or calls we transferred. Yikes. At least now I know how to properly re-attach my butt… CUZ IT GOT HANDED TO ME LIKE A THOUSAND TIMES!

They tell me that sort of thing is “job security”. In actuality there is very little job security for dispatchers. It’s really not the sort of job you can mess up. I believe the position of dispatcher will always exist, but the people that hold it will come and go… c’est la vie.

Night Watchman: 10-42