I think I’ll get married this weekend…

That’s right, three more days and I get to change my Sweetheart’s last name. I’m excited… but I don’t think anyone can tell. It goes back to that whole “my emotions are messed up” thing. I think it’s going to be the longest three days of my life! And everybody’s saying they go faster than you think… but they aren’t… because the last year’s felt like a REALLY LONG YEAR!

In other news I got to destroy the past few months of decorating because our new carpet is supposed to come in today… actually any minute now. Unfortunately this happens to be my bed time; but on account of not feeling like having a stranger or two around my stuff without me all day, I get to stay up all day…ugh… New carpet will be a nice gift to my Soon To Be Bride though. Right now it looks like my ex-roomates changed a motorcycles oil immediately after getting in an epic fight to the death with at least three inkjet printers… weird I know. Well much love to anyone who actually reads this thing; and if you’re not imaginary then maybe also tell your equally non-imaginary friends?

Ps-it’s weird drinking coffee in the morning.



About Adam
I'm 23, I believe the Bible, I am engaged to a beauty, and I work as a night shift 911 dispatcher.

2 Responses to I think I’ll get married this weekend…

  1. Aunt Jo says:

    HI bub I love to read your blogs and being able to keep up withyou and your soonto be wife.Looking so forward to sharing with you both on Fri. Love You

  2. Bri says:

    I am so excited for you and your future wife!!! I can’t believe when we get to camp this year you guys will be part of the married couples 🙂 I am thinking of you two and sending all prayers and good thoughts to the start of your marriage all the way from NC!!!

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