Don’t look at me like that… “Judgy wudgy was a bear…”

“…Judgy Wudgy had no friends.”

Holy crap! It’s been like six months since I’ve said anything on here… in fairness I’ve been a little busy. “With what?” you ask (assuming you asked anything because it makes for a good transition)? Well… lot’s of stuff… Let me start by saying I’m literally getting married next Friday! Boom! Nuff said, but I will in fact say more. We’ve been so busy with all the wedding preparations, just ask my girl… I’ve been pretty awesome (toot, toot… my own horn… get it?). And it is the current Sheriff’s last year, so work’s been extremely tumultuous. I kinda feel like that kid pleading not to be punished when everyone knows he broke the thing… and I’ll be honest… I’m not above crying. I will.

More immediately last night at work was CRAZY! I won’t go into details (because I like my job) but here’s some hinting: knives and drugs… see what I mean. Now I’m attempting to build a bed we got from IKEA (probably the coolest furniture store ever), and I’ve already taken a gash out of the newly painted bedroom wall. I guess I should have paid more credence to the picture explaining this was a two-man job; but in my defence those pictures had Swedish accents.


About Adam
I'm 23, I believe the Bible, I am engaged to a beauty, and I work as a night shift 911 dispatcher.

2 Responses to Don’t look at me like that… “Judgy wudgy was a bear…”

  1. Adam says:

    Side note: Three months ago we bought the bed and bed frame from IKEA… and we waited to build it until we got the new carpet… and toward the end of construction I realized I was missing a crucial piece… as if the swiss cheese I turned the wall into wasn’t bad enough. But two weeks and thirty dollars later and it will finally be worth it. 🙂


  2. angel says:

    BTW, Tim has put many pieces of furniture with swedish “accents” together. . .he feels like a pro, so if you want to lift his ego. . .ask him for help, he would be glad to! A few years ago this was one of the challenges on the Amazing Race. We were pretty sure we would have won that year!

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