Honeymoon plans…

So lately I’ve been really looking into honeymoon destinations. For some inexplicable reason it’s been really important to me. Here’s a breakdown of what I’m (we’re?) looking for:

It’s gotta be warm, and a northern January is anything but. So long cabin in the woods; maybe some other time.

Privacy is a must… We’re a good christian couple… no further details on this one…

There has to be a great cultural option in the surrounding area, I like to explore.

Megan wanted a kitchen, so we could dine in and I love the idea.

I would like water sports

Lastly, and this is more informational, I tend to get a little crazy sometimes… I like to be impulsive and go with my emotions on certain things… and I wanted a CRAZY, unforgettable honeymoon. I really wanted it to be a once-in-a-lifetime, dream experience… Not bad, eh? So the hunt was on. Initially I was leaning for the Maldives or Bora Bora. These are literally tropical paradises; but they’re also very far away. I estimated the resort stay and airfare to excess of $10,000… so these lost some steam. Then I turned my attention to the Caribbean and All-Inclusive resorts… closer, cheaper, and still fantastic. Upon more research my favorite choice had to go due to the dramatic increase in tourist involved violent crimes… including murder… not really the sort of dream I was hoping for. Then the whole thing came tumbling down when I realized we’d be starting our marriage with great pictures, good memories, and tan/slightly less white skin (respectively); and no financial savings… Needless to say I was quite bummed.

Then my wonderful fiance began finding secluded resort vacation homes in the Florida Keys. They were nice, but eventually led me to a magnificent villa in Cocoa Beach. It’s so amazing, and substantially cheaper than anything else we’ve looked at thus far. We’ve not yet put our deposit in, but it’s only a matter of time… and at this point I’m really hoping time says those stupid tar clumps are from that shipwreck…



About Adam
I'm 23, I believe the Bible, I am engaged to a beauty, and I work as a night shift 911 dispatcher.

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